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GMS Event Planners was nominated for the best wedding planner in the category of Pre Wedding Event of the year 2017 in India and out of 5 nominations We won the award.This was the great achievement for our organisation and the director of our organisation Mr.Lalit Nayyar being honoured by president of EXITO.

Mr. Nayyar shared his stage with his team member Mr.Karan Setia while receiving the award trophy.

Pride Moments of GMS Event Planners

The greatest wedding and event planners worldwide are GMS Event Planners. Through our work and efforts, we have established ourselves. We have put our greatest effort into becoming world-famous event planners. From corporate event planners to wedding event planners we are successful in satisfying our clients through our work. To get to this height, we have put in a lot of effort. The founder and our team have done a fantastic job in this area. We have risen to the top of the list of event planners worldwide. We have been honoured with the tag of world-famous wedding planners. We have received numerous prizes. Several prestigious prizes have praised us. Out of 5 nominees, GMS Event Planners was selected as India’s finest wedding planner for the Pre Wedding Event of the Year 2017. The award went to us. The president of EXITO honoured our organization’s director, Mr Lalit Nayyar, for this significant accomplishment. We received an Apex award nomination in 2018. And we received the honour. The 2018 Apex Award recognised us. Receiving this honour was a really proud moment for our business. The greatest wedding and event planners will be honoured in 2020 by the Event & Environment Management Association. We were put forward for the honour. We received the prize, and we were grateful for the honour. The Zonal SP TLIGHT Award honoured us. These are a few of the accomplishments we may be proud of. We’ll put in constant effort to better ourselves. This is how passionately we will approach our work. And via our labour, our team members will endeavour to satisfy our clients.